Keynote Speaker


Januta is an inspiring, motivating, engaging keynote speaker delivering proven and researched presentations and talks at live events until the COVID-19 pandemic hit in 2020, thus adding virtual keynotes and webinars.

Her interactive keynote speeches and sessions are topical wellbeing evidence-based resilience material, educating and motivating executives and staff. Her attendees have fun are engaged and leave uplifted and energetically inspired with a “tool kit” of skills they can use immediately.

What people have said

  • “The sessions are fully congruent.”
  • “Our staff haven’t stopped talking about the event.”
  • “I have been feeling absolute, positively RADIANT this week.”
  • “Can’t thank you enough for all you’ve done.”
  • “Thank you so much, you beautiful woman.”
  • “I think you helped answer a question I have been asking for a long time to shift my block.”

The goals of the sessions are to gain awareness and to get to know oneself from the inside out, so no matter what chaotic external event shows up, you have inner control and are able to access your agile mind, balance your emotions, activate solutions-oriented ideas to move with change rapidly in positive ways and achieve successful outcomes – “eradicate burnout”.


Testimonials: Knowledge Source 12 Week  Masterclass Series of Workshops and Coaching Webinar

Some current  virtual topics

  • How to cultivate an agile mind
  • How to move with change rapidly and positively
  • Women excelling by being themselves
  • Positive neuroplasticity
  • A mindful approach to staying motivated working remotely in isolation
  • Sleeping well
  • Building resilience
  • Food as medicine
  • EQ and success
  • Activate your authentic self
  • Live well, stay well, and the secrets to longevity
  • The science behind the importance of applying gratefulness, compassion, kindness, and joy

What our customers say