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Your Inner Urban Retreat 2024

Transformational Breathing

Mon 17th Jun -Fri 28th Jun  2024

Mon 18th  Nov – Fri  29th Nov 2024

Mon 10th Feb-  Fri   21st Feb2025

Transformational Breathing 10x Session Intensive

Transformational Breathing™ is a dynamic, deep diaphragmatic breathing system combined with isometric stretching and toning movements. The focused methodology consciously charges the body with large amounts of oxygen that quickly increase energy levels and speed up the metabolism to a high rate to help burn excess fat. It also revitalises the body and mind, truly generating transformation on many levels.

It is a suitable activity for people of most age groups and fitness levels as low impact movements are taught standing and doesn’t require equipment. This is ideal for Elite Athletes wanting to improve lung capacity performance.

Transformational Breathing™ is unique and combines eastern and western concepts and techniques. Introduced are ancient yogic breathing techniques, subtle activation of energy along meridian channels, balancing and integration of body- mind awareness to create a calm, yet include highly energized state. The focus is also to develop strength, flexibility, and alignment to the physical body to boost performance.

Transformational Breathing™ 10x Session Intensive

Some of the major benefits offered by the program include:

  • Personal development life changing growth, from the mind set concepts delivered
  • A calm awareness/reduced stress
  • Mental clarity, energy, focus
  • Renewal and slowing of the aging process
  • Increased endurance
  • Increased lung capacity
  • Improved sleep
  • Improved digestion
  • Improved posture
  • Improved muscle tone and core strength
  • Improved skin, hair appearance, and lymph system functionality
  • Faster metabolism
  • Loss of centimeters
  • Detox
  • Overall increased vitality, wellness, and improved performance

Transformational Breathing™ 10x Session Intensive

Program outline: The Transformational Breathing Program™ is taught over two consecutive weeks, from Monday to Friday. For the best benefits to be gained the programs are scheduled first thing in the morning on an empty stomach outdoors. This promotes efficient functioning of the digestive system and fresh air.

Introduction Beginner Program

There are THREE LEVELS of Transformational Breathing™

Level 1 – Skills and Techniques: Day 1 & 2 are part of the foundation level where the initial concepts and techniques are taught to the student. The Breathing technique is linked to the isometric movement.

Level 2 – Extend. Continues from Day 3-5 where new movements and concepts are introduced to challenge the individual allowing alignments to take place.

Level 3 – Challenge breathing Day 6-10. A new variation of breathing technique is introduced to fast track the fat burning process and lung capacity. New movements are introduced to take the individual to a deeper integrative process.

The participants are individually monitored by the instructor, so they progress through the step-by-step program to experience the more challenging aspects. For sustained and continued results, they will be asked to practice for 15 minutes either daily or every second day.

Where: Fitzroy Gardens East Melbourne

Time: 6.30 – 7.30 am daily


Mon 17th  Jun -Fri 28th Jun  2024

Mon 18th Nov – Fri  29th  Nov  2024

Mon 10th Feb-  Fri  21st   Feb 2025

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