Corporate Workshops

Corporate Workshops

Master Class Series

(Series 1)

Executive Wellbeing’s Master Class Series exponentially
benefits your employees and organisation.



Via the Master Class Series of workshops, leaders and staff will gain techniques to implement immediately, benefit by, and improve:

  • Productivity
  • Memory / greater retention
  • Mental health and an agile Mind
  • EQ
  • Concentration 
  • Confidence
  • Intuition
  • Innovation
  • Managing pressure
  • Positive reinforcement
  • Awareness of body and mind
  • Relaxation
  • Posture in the work environment
  • Becoming empowered to notice and change stress patterns
  • Health and overall wellbeing
  • Greater collaboration
  • Improved interpersonal effectiveness skills

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Popular Masterclass Series of Workshops

Building Resilience

  • Building resilience for personal and corporate sustainability
  • One-day workshop
  • Applicable for senior and line-managers
  • Focus is on the individual and team
  • Incorporates mindfulness strategies and techniques
  • Learn the science behind, stress, compassion, gratefulness and kindness in business for improved performance
  • Demonstrates personal resilience whilst applying customer focused performance qualities
  • Aids exceptional communication skills, innovation, mental and physical energy, strength, flexibility and ability to move the change required with a seamless, positive attitude
  • Option to include diet and nutrition, mindfulness, yoga, pilates, group fitness


Popular Masterclass Series of Workshops

Work/Life Flow

Work/Life Flow

This is designed to bring quality balance and flow into the life of business leaders/staff members by offering tools and concepts for the individual to:

  • Gain a fresh understanding of work-life flow to eradicate burnout
  • The importance of left-right brain coherence
  • How to be present in your “Vitality Zone” for greater success
  • The impact of stress and how it affects everything
  • How to integrate you-time, rest-time, work-time, play-time for improved performance
  • Learn how to improve your overall wellbeing


Positive Neuroplasticity

Intro to Positive Neuroplasticity or training the brain to be positive and how to get there. We think around 60-80,000 thoughts a day, learn the impact, and reinforce the importance of developing a positive mindset for enhanced communication and improved health, happiness, and performance through increased business success.

  • We’ll bring awareness around the conscious-subconscious mind and how it affects all experiences and business success in day to day life outcomes.
  • Individuals will be introduced to the essential “Tool” of Empowerment being Meditation. It is like gym training for the mind. Meditation rewires the brain from stress to calm, it improves memory, allows access to the “Vitality Zone” restores the burn out of the brain. Improves sleep. 1 hour of meditation is equal to 3 hours of sleep. Through this awareness state individuals become more solutions orientated, healthier and motivated and this improves overall health. It is one of life’s essential skills to be learnt, for improved business performance.
  • Staff will experience 3x meditation techniques
  • Question-and-answer session, summary, and close workshop

Sleep Well

Sleeping well can be difficult for a high percentage of our population affecting adults and children. Especially through COVID-19. We will discuss how important sleep is including the circadian rhythm and how it contributes to sustaining mental health, healthy weight, detoxing the body, energy performance and anti-aging.

We’ll offer techniques for preparing for:


  • A positive good night’s sleep
  • Interrupted sleep and what to do about it
  • Waking up from sleep as this can influence a day positively or negatively and techniques to cultivate a positive day

A question-and-answer session will then ensue where people can ask for more insight into the methods we have discussed or about their specific sleeping patterns or situations. We will then reinforce this with homework for them to practice the techniques we have taught.

Emotional Intelligece for Business

Emotional Intelligence for Business

This is designed for leaders to learn how to improve:

  • Decision making
  • And build better relationships for greater business success
  • Gain a deeper understanding with staff and how they communicate
  • Decrease stress
  • Increase leadership ability
  • Bring about team coherence and collaboration
  • Personal wellbeing
  • How individuals eradicate burnout and gain mental, emotional, and physical energy for greater success


Integrative Mapping & Goal Setting

Integrative Mapping and Goal Setting

This is designed for the leader to goal set and plan for greater success by:

  • Learning brainstorming techniques for improved business
  • Techniques to visualise success like an elite athlete
  • Learning to activate inspiration and creativity
  • Techniques to map and activate future goals
  • Learning to understand and use the intuition for success
  • Exercises to improve memory and left-right brain coherence
  • Concepts and techniques to enhance an overall success


Calm and motivated

Be Calm and Motivated
@ The Workstation

  • Two-hour workshop
  • Posture
  • Concepts and techniques to identify and better manage stress patterns
  • Body scanning
  • Joint rotation and mobility awareness and the science of positive breathing


Individual Career Coaching for
Executives and Staff

Januta’s extensive human resources and health management experience allows her to coach in the areas of

  • Career transition
  • Where do I want to be in 5 years? Goal setting
  • Help, I’ve been made redundant!
  • Internal promotions and how to leverage your self
  • So many applications, so many rejections! Stay motivated
  • I got the interview, but not the job! How to sell yourself
  • You are your best asset. Stay resilient no matter what
  • Find your purpose, find your personal power
  • Stress management

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