In today’s landscape, smarter employees that are more present and aware, become part of the solution.

At Executive Wellbeing, via the Master Class Series, what we provide are various solutions designed to –

#1 Implement Wellbeing imperative at your workplace

Address the cost to individuals, employers, and the health system by creating an imperative for action

Executive Wellbeing assists organisations seeking to achieve preventive measures that will improve executive and staff performance as well as reducing your ‘low performing’ staff costs.

#2 Lessons learned from implementation

Improve the ‘Gold Standards’ framework that can be found in Australian companies.

Executive Wellbeing aids organisations to demonstrate a return on investment for workplace wellness programs by delivering holistic service offerings.

#3 A call-to-action: Make Wellbeing “business as usual”

Prevent ‘low performing’ staff costs from spiralling out of control by taking a proactive approach towards wellness and improving the workplace culture. In today’s landscape, smarter employees that are more present and aware become part of the solution.

Meet Januta

Januta Ribinskas

Founder – Corporate Performance Coach

  • Founder of Executive Wellbeing
  • Over 15 years of Senior Management in Human Resources
  • Positive Neuroplasticity Training – Dr. Rick Hanson, 2018
  • Food as Medicine – Monash University 2020
  • Diploma of Classical Yoga – Australian College of Classical Yoga, Swami Shantananda Melbourne -2002
  • Level 1 Psych-K ™2006 – Corporate Performance Coach
  • Empower Your Organisation – Series of Workshops
  • Senior Member of Yoga Australia (YA)
  • Senior Member of Meditation Australia
  • Teacher of Stillness Meditation – 2002
  • Transformational Breathing Facilitator Melbourne – 2003
  • Teacher in Japanese Jikyo Jutsu Karu Kastanagar – 1985
  • Zen Shiatsu Karu Kastanagar – 1985
  • Elite Athlete – Swimming – Gymnastics
  • Januta’s education expands to workshops and lectures with Western doctors including
  • Dr. Rick Hanson, PhD – Psychologist, Author, Training Positive Neuroplasticity -2018
  • Dr. Craig Hassed – Associate Professor, Monash University- 2013
  • Dr. Joe Dispenza – Author, Professional Training and International Coaching 2007-2019
  • Dr. Bruce Lipton – Cell Biologist, Author, Professor, and International Speaker -2013
  • Dr. Dan Siegel – Author, Neuropsychiatrist, Interpersonal Neurobiologist -2016
  • Dr. Rob Williams – Originator of Pysch-K -2006

Corporate Background

With over 30 years of experience and offering an integral approach, Januta helps employees and businesses achieve their full potential.

Januta Ribinskas has over 30 years experience in the Human Resources and the Health and Wellbeing Industry

She consults in human resource management, delivers the “Empower Your Organisation” Master Class Series of personal development workshops, organises international retreats, and teaches her personally developed ”The KnowingFlow”® Vinyasa Yoga Sequences, Mindfulness, Meditation, and her renowned Transformational Breathing Programs. After a long-term vision, Januta started her business  20 years ago with Executive Wellbeing for the corporate market.

Januta is regularly invited to speak and present for various events and conferences, features in the media, and as a writer for magazines and online health and lifestyle publications. She is the author of Wisdom Enlightenment for the Corporate Hippy and Everyone Else.

As a result of a long-term vision and journey, discovering self-empowering wisdom, knowledge, and techniques, Januta has, for the past 20 years, enhancing the quality and sustainable performance of individuals and businesses towards success on all levels.

Starting with the Master Class Series – Januta Ribinskas provides a suite of Executive Wellbeing collaborative workplace programs and workshops that demonstrate a return on investment.